The question? “Is my (winter coat, linen dress, bow-tie) the same price as my pants?”
You pay one low price to dry clean any garment, any day. Here are a few of the other questions we answer a lot:

When are you open?

Find your local ZIPS to check hours of operation and EZ Drop 24/7 options.

Why do I have to pay in advance?

This is a key part of how we keep our prices low for you. We’ve found that when our customers pay in advance, they pick up their clothing more quickly. Not to get into the boring economics, but this helps us keep costs down and we pass those savings directly to you.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and card payments. Check with your local ZIPS for a list of specific cards accepted.

If I can’t make it by 9am, can I still get my clothes back today?

Sorry, only garments in by 9am will be ready by 5pm on the same day. If you give us your email, we’ll let you know when your clothes are ready to pick up.

If I drop my order off after 9am, will it be ready earlier than 5pm the next day?

It may be, but we can only promise to have the order ready at 5pm the day it is due. If you give us your email, we’ll let you know when your clothes are ready to pick up.

I bring a lot of clothes to ZIPS. Can I get a discount?

We offer the same discount to all our customers. One low price, any garment. All day, every day.

Can someone else pick up my clothes for me?

Yes. When you set up your ZIPS account you can designate two other people who are authorized to pick up your dry cleaning.

What is a ZIPS Key Tag?

It is a free key tag that links you to your account. With the ZIPS Key Tag, you don’t have to worry about remembering any identifying numbers. You may also pick up your order without the claim ticket if you have your ZIPS Key Tag.

Why did you reject my garment?

In rare situations, we might decline a garment if it’s damaged or can’t be safely cleaned.

What do I do if I think I’m missing a garment?

You should contact the store immediately.

How long do you keep orders?

We’ll hold on to your clothing for 30 days. To keep our prices low, we don’t have lots of storage space. Come back for your stuff. Please.

What do you do with old orders?

Unclaimed garments are donated to Goodwill, Salvation Army, local churches and other charitable institutions.

Can I pick up my clothes after the store has closed if an employee is there?

We are sorry but for the safety of our staff and our customers, we must keep the doors locked once we close for the evening.

What should I do with all the wire hangers from ZIPS in my closet?

Bring them back. All our stores operate a hanger recycling program.

Eco Fact: 3.5 billion hangers end up in landfills every year. We can’t stop using hangers, but please bring them back to us instead of throwing them away.

Eco Fact: Americans throw away more than 100 billion plastic bags each year. Our stores use one environmentally-friendly, recyclable plastic bag for every 5 shirts.


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