Storage Tips for Spring & Summer Clothing

Cooler temperatures are among us, and it’s time to make room in our closet for fall and winter clothing! So, let’s get to packing all your spring and summer favorites, but before you start, check out these ZIPS tips when storing your garments:

1. Wash your clothes before storing them, don’t just toss them into the box. By cleaning the clothes before packing them, you’ll ensure that your clothes will remain fresh in storage. Dirty garments deteriorate with time, and left-over body oil can lead to discoloration and attract unwanted bugs and odors. Yes, you should do the same with your sneakers and sandals too!

2. To hang or to fold? That is the question. Fold clothes made of acrylic and poly fibers. Use acid-free tissue between each piece to avoid wrinkling. Hanging these materials can lead to unwanted stretching. Hang fabrics like silk or cotton on padded or wooden hangers.

Pro tip: Never leave clothes in plastic garment bags; use ones made of cotton instead. Clothes left in plastic bags trap moisture and promote mildew growth. Cotton bags allow them to breathe.

3. Use plastic bins instead of cardboard for folded garments. This will prevent the likelihood of insects getting into the boxes.

4. Always store your clothes in a clean, dry, and dark place with adequate ventilation. Avoid storing garments in attics, garages, or basements.

When you’re ready to take them back out next spring, they’ll be crisp, clean, and ready for the warm weather!

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