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ZIPS Cleaners Recognized as Best of Howard County

December 05, 2013

Published annually by Howard magazine, the “Best of Howard County” contest is one of the most anticipated events of the year, at which time their readers are asked to nominate their favorite businesses and community members for a job well done in 64 different categories, including dry cleaning, place for a first date, doggie day care, hair salon, photographer and more.

“It feels great to be listed along with some of the top businesses in the region,” said store owner John Rusnak. We have a wonderful staff and our customers trust us to take care of an important element of their day-to-day lives. We love what we do.”

Serving local customers since the end of 2009, ZIPS’ success lies in its same-day, one-price model. A customer can have any item of clothing dry cleaned for $1.99. It doesn’t matter if the item is a necktie, a wedding dress or a pair of pants, the price is $1.99, half the industry average. In addition, garments are cleaned on-site, allowing for same-day service.

“Our goal is to consistently deliver absolute customer satisfaction at a very affordable price point,” Rusnak added. “The fact is that everyone needs dry cleaning in some capacity. The real question customers should ask themselves is, ‘Would I rather pay $50-$60 for ten pieces to be dry cleaned, or $19.90 for the same ten pieces and have it done in one day?”

In today’s increasingly “green-conscious” society, ZIPS also uses a closed-cleaning system that reduces waste, uses recyclable plastic bags and recycles hangers.

“Step into a ZIPS for the first time and you know right away this is not your mom-and-pop, no-name dry cleaner,” said Rusnak.

There are currently 36 ZIPS stores open and operating throughout the Mid-Atlantic, and company Vice President of Operations, Andy Cucchiara, estimates there will as many as 100 by 2015.

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