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Veteran Josh Pinkey’s life after military service — 10 one-price dry cleaners, including in Florence

June 03, 2019

ZIPS Dry Cleaners – an aggressively expanding dry cleaning franchise known for its same-day, one-price business model – is set to open the first of 10 stores signed in a development deal that spans the Cincinnati metro area over the next eight years.

All 10 stores will be owned and operated by DeVoe & Pinkey Enterprises, LLC. The first store will be located at 3361 Madison Road in Cincinnati, with a grand opening set for June 1. Various parts of town are being targeted for the remaining stores, including the immediate downtown area, Oakley, Hyde Park, Blue Ash and Florence, among others.

“We have been absolutely pleased with the response we’ve received so far,” said Owner & Former Army Airborne Ranger Josh Pinkey. “There is a huge unmet need locally, and ZIPS is able to provide it. For customers who dry clean frequently, bringing the ZIPS brand to the Cincinnati market represents a huge cost savings opportunity for many residents, who can in turn put that savings toward things nearer and dearer to their heart instead of spending money unnecessarily on cleaning their clothes.”

As we inch closer to Memorial Day and Independence Day, Americans all across the country will soon fly their flags in memory of the more than one million men and women who sacrificed their lives for our Nation. ZIPS’ steadfast policy of cleaning your American flag at no charge – year-round – is something that resonated loudly with the former Army Airborne Ranger.

“You bring in your American flag, we’ll clean it – This is just another reason why I’m so proud to be a part of the ZIPS family,” Pinkey said, who served three tours in Iraq. “The sacrifices so many great men and women make to keep us safe should always be remembered and valued. I look back at my time in the military and I have always enjoyed helping folks. Now, if I can clean your suit or statement dress so you look great on that job interview, or you can proudly fly a newly-cleaned Old Glory in front of your home, I feel as if I’m fulfilling my duty.”

At ZIPS, a customer can have any item of clothing dry cleaned for $2.29. It doesn’t matter if the item is a necktie, a coat or a pair of pants, the price is $2.29, 60 percent less than the national average. Garments are also cleaned on-site, allowing for same-day service.

“Customers are shocked and relieved when I explain our value proposition: same price dry cleaning/laundered shirts for $2.29 and $1.89, respectively, same-day service every day,” Pinkey said.” We’re on average 60 percent less expensive, yet we provide the same clean and quality that expensive cleaners offer.”

Additionally, in today’s increasingly “green-conscious” society, ZIPS is leading the way in the search for new environmentally friendly practices, such as its use of biodegradable plastic bags and hanger recycling program. ZIPS recycles thousands of hangers each year, uses 100% biodegradable plastic bags, and focuses on continuing to reduce water usage and waste production.

Today, ZIPS has more than 50 locations open and operating throughout the Mid-Atlantic and as far as Texas and California. The company also has a total active franchise pipeline that stands at more than 250 stores, all of which are slated to open over the next several years.

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