Introducing: Laundry by ZIPS

What is Laundry by ZIPS?

Laundry by ZIPS is a service for items that do not require pressing or hangers. ZIPS will wash, dry, and fold your garments and then neatly package them for you to take home! We encourage customers to purchase our specialty Laundry by ZIPS tote, which is just $4.99 plus tax. Use this bag every time you visit, and we’ll return it to you with your freshly cleaned garments inside, pre-packaged within your Laundry by ZIPS tote.

Running short on time? No problem. If you have a credit card on file at your local ZIPS, you can just drop your tote in our EZDrop box! *

How much is Laundry by ZIPS? 

Just $1.49/lb. A 10-lb minimum is required.

What items should I put in the bag? 

Any garments that don’t require pressing or hangers such as towels, sheets, bathroom rugs, undergarments, socks, pajamas, activewear, loungewear, bathing suits, etc.

What if I want my garments ironed? 

Keep these garments separate from your Laundry by ZIPS bag and check them in with a ZIPS team member. These items will be cleaned, pressed, and returned to you on hangers. Pricing for these services varies by store. Please visit your local store page for more information.

What is the turnaround time? 

Laundry by ZIPS is currently a next day service. However, it may be done sooner, depending on the number of orders in your local store. Be sure to sign up for email or text notifications, so you’ll immediately know when your order is ready.

*EZ Drop is only available at participating locations. Visit your local store page or call to confirm availability.

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